Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today's Workout- 30 Day Shred!

A few weeks ago I got the 30 Day Shred DVD by Jillian Michaels. I kept hearing the best things about it! I was so excited to finally try it!

The program is of 3 different levels of 20 minute circuit weight/cardio training. 

I just did level 1 today and it was HARD! It might be because the weights they use are like 3-5 pounds and I used 10 pound weights. Either way it kicked my butt!!!

20 minute walk home from work
20 minutes 30 day shred- 209 calories burned

I am leaving for Vancouver BC tomorrow, so I will be MIA on my posts for a bit. The good thing is, I will hopefully work out a TON while I am there and I will have a great recap on all my workouts!

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  1. I love this DVD too!! I have had it for a little while and I am still on level one. Its so tough. I tried level 2 one time and I couldn't move the next day. But its such a great workout!!