Monday, December 21, 2009


After work I took a hour spinning class. The instructor is hard core! Spinning bikes have resistant knobs on the bikes to increase and decrease the resistance during the work out.

I know a lot of people think spinning is a crazy and scary work out but it really isn't. You can really make the workout however you want it, using the resistance to make it hard or relatively easy.

Well, of course that is the case when you don't have this instructor! She'll come off the bike and adjust your resistance knob until she feels you are at the level she want you to be. I actually think it a good idea, because she can tell you how she thinks you are doing. Really helps to gage your workout. I will definitely be going to her again!

But, if you are a beginner at spinner, go to a easy instructor and ease into the workout. You won't regret it!

679 calories burned

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