Friday, March 20, 2009 = My Savior!

I would like to say the 45 pounds came off easily, but they didn't!

It took a ton of work to get to where I am at. Looking back the last year and some months, I worked hard to have the fitness I do now, it makes me tired just thinking about it. I actually could probably take a nap knowing how much work it was. HARD WORK and dedication is needed to achieve any goal, with weight loss you may even need a little more!

But, most importantly, you can't do it alone!

You need support all around you. For me that was a supportive fiance and a fitness junky sister. I also got help through probably the last 30 pounds with the website Their Daily Plate feature is fantastic! It may sound crazy, but I log all the food I eat and the work outs I do. Even days I eat too much or am not proud of my choices. It is the perfect way to hold myself accountable. And with their website being so easy and them having pretty much EVERYTHING you could eat in their search engine already, it is pretty mindless. This may seem like a shameless plug, but I love this website so much! I really think it is my savior! I could not have lost half as much weight with out it!

I will tell you that the best way to realize what might be holding you back from losing those last 5 pounds or the lack of energy in your workout, might be that [insert high calorie, processed food here] you had this morning.

If you decide to sign up and start tracking on, be my friend! My user name is: AllieAnnJ

It never hurts to get all the help you can get!

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