Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are Exercisers Saner Than Most?

I found a very interesting blog on Runnerworld.com

The blog speaks of two guys so mad that they couldn't get their McDonald's hamburger because it was "breakfast time" they shot up the place!

This makes me think about the control food and activity has over our sanity (or really anything else). These guys were so pissed they couldn't get their 600 calorie, full of fat burger the were willing to maybe kill someone and go to jail! 

Working out (I will say from experience) makes you happier. Those natural endorphins are pretty hard to beat. I just can't see someone right after a run want to shoot up any place or even just still be stressed out after a long day at work.

I, just like the writer, am not saying that if they signed up for a race they would not have shot up the place (they already have that mentality) but I can't see them being so mad about making a bad meal choice in the beginning. A little activity would be a great start in the right direction!

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